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English Controlled Assessment Task Title: How are love and/or hate presented in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and a range of poetry you have studied? In this controlled assessment I will be discussing and analysing deeply the themes of love and hate within Shakespeare’s poem ‘Caesar’ and a range of Robert Browning’s poetry such as, Soliloquy of […]

Nine years ago in September 2007, a newspaper article was published titled “I h8 txt msgs” arguing how texting is wrecking our language, claiming texters are “ravaging our vocabulary”. He discussed a valid point concerning how abbreviations are taking over, but I believe that John Humphrey is afraid of change and it seems to me […]

The themes of love and hate occur in one of Shakespeares most famous plays named “Ceasar”. It was seen that these themes were presented numerous times in the play, and the most significant part of when it was shown was in Act 3 Scene, where Ceasar was previously murdered by Brutus and now they contemplate […]

Task two: Who is the speaker of this poem and what is their story? Select at least one quotation from each stanza and justify. How does each quotation help to tell the story of the speaker? – In this poem i think the speaker is a mother that has been affected by the war and […]

English Coursework CREATIVE WRITING It is Winter, 5 am in the morning, pitch black, and not a sight to be seen. My eyes try to familiarise with the darkness and my senses become alert as if I were prey and was being hunted. Within, the cabin is a distinctive mahogany smell and as I get […]

In Act3 Scene2 Antony is at Ceasars funeral.Throughout the funeral Brutus tries to persuade the public that the killing of Caesar was for the greater good as he states that although he loved Caesar but he loved “rome more”. After Brutus’s speech trying to manipulate the crowd that the death of Caesar was the right […]

Caeasar’s hubris is used against him in Act 2 Scene 2 by Decius Brutus, where he is speaking to Calpurnia and gave his word that he will not go to the senates house because she feels that something bad is on its way and fears that caeser will get hurt. However, when the conspirators send […]

Task three: How does shakespeare present the intentions of Brutus or Cassius? Shakespeare presents Brutus’s intentions as guilty, as he does not feel that he should kill ceaser and anthohny but feels like he cannot betray cassius to this point of time. He wants to persuade the others by using less cold blooded terms for […]